Misti Luxury Sock Yarn 4ply

Misti Luxury Sock Yarn 4ply


Hand Painted Misiti Alpaca Sock yarn, is one of the most luxurious yarns imaginable.

With a terrific range of colours this yarn is renowned for its lightness and thermal qualities

to keep you cosy and warm. Sheer luxury.

Manufactured from 50% Superfine Alpaca/30% Merino Wool/10% Silk and 10% Nylon.

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Candy Cane (HS03)

£11.50 *
Stock level: 8

Carnival (H556)

£11.50 *
Stock level: 29

Dragons Breath (HS46)

£11.50 *
Stock level: 22

Forest Floor (HS24)

£11.50 *
Stock level: 16

Jungle (HS40)

£11.50 *
Stock level: 26

Patriot (HS59)

£11.50 *
Stock level: 18
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