HP Alpaca Blend 4ply

HP Alpaca Blend 4ply


This hand painted Alpaca Blend 4ply yarn combines softness and the beauty of crafted hand painting.

It is a blend of soft Superfine alpaca and Peruvian Highland Wool. A delight to knit with.



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Canopy (EZ70)

£2.95 *
Stock level: 40

Glacier (EZ35)

£2.95 *
Stock level: 47

Lemon Grove (EZ82)

£2.95 *
Stock level: 52

Lime Zest (EZ37)

£2.95 *
Stock level: 12

Loveheart (EZ40)

£2.95 *
Stock level: 48

Mountain Falls (EZ34)

£2.95 *
Stock level: 29
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