KnitPro Accessories

KnitPro Accessories

KnitPro needles are available in a full range of types. KnitPro manufacture knitting needles in the following designs:-  Double Points, Fixed Circulars, Single Points, Crochet, Cuboid and an interchangeable type that is innovative in design and satisfying in performance . With KnitPro quality at an affordable price.
KnitPro needles and hooks come in a variety of materials: laminated birch wood, electroplated brass, the most modern space age material - Karbon fiber, Japanese Bamboo, natural birch and aluminum. KnitPro manufacture needles as small as 1.00mm (UK 19) going all the way up to 25 mm.
KnitPro has developed a number of ways to organize your needles: cases, storage options and boxes that will assist you in managing your supply of needles and tools.
KnitPro provides quality needles that allows for the production of quality garments.

Symfonie Straight Needle Sets

All of the Symfonie Straight Needle Sets are now available in black jacquard hard zipped binder case which contains eight pairs of needles. The case has 2 extra loops so that you can add your own extra sets of needles. Made from Knit-Pro's colourful Symfonie wood, dyed compressed Birch.

Symfonie Double Pointed Needles 15cm

Most suitable for sock knitting.

Symphonie Double Pointed Needles 20cm

Suitable for socks and larger items requiring double pointed needles.

Symfonie Double Point Needle Sets

Three sets available in 10cm, 15cm & 20cm long.

Symfonie Single Ended Crochet Hooks

A selection of single end crochet hooks from 3.00mm to 12.00mm.

Symfonie Double Ended Crochet hooks

6 choices of double ended hooks from 3.00mm to 10.00mm.

Symfonie crochet sets

Single & double ended sets

WAVES Crochet hooks

Colourfully coded for different sizes, soft grip crochet hooks by KnitPro. Available in sets and single hooks.