DMC threads are ideal for cross stitch, embroidery and tapestry. As well as a range of other craft projects. Each thread colour is coded, so you can find a perfect match for your project.
DMC Threads are available in satin, Mouline cotton and special effects. Each has a unique property which can make it particularly suitable for certain designs or projects.
Satin threads produce a beautiful silky finish.
Mouline cotton is a matt thread.
Special threads can enhance a design with a sparkle or other special effect finish. The colour codes are the same for each type of DMC thread, so you can interchange them for a variety of texture and finish. If you are unsure which DMC thread to use, get in touch, as keen crafters we use our products and are happy to make recommendations.
DMC Soft Cotton threads are a matt tapestry thread. Combed and singed by flame to remove fluff. 5 inseparable cotton strands. 100% long fibre cotton.
Gives a fantastic finish to tapestry projects.



Brand new from DMC, the Coloris threads are an innovative new range of six strand cotton threads.

Bursting with colour and vibrancy. These are the same amazing quality as Mouline Stranded Cotton.

Achieve stunning results quickly and easily with these threads that change colour every 5cm.

Colours which are perfectly complemented to create fabulous results.

Available in 24 colours, each skein is 8 metres in length.

Suitable for cross stitch or embroidery.

Colour Variation Threads


Color Variations is a 6 strand cotton thread. that offers a range of colours in one single thread. In only a few simple stitches it adds life to your projects.

Its subtle colour variations giving unique results for contemporary needlework creations.

Each thread from the DMC Color Variations line reveals a succession of colour changes, which are unique on each needlework project.

In soft multi-coloured or tone-on-tone shades, these 36 threads present the same stitching quality as DMC MoulinĂ© Stranded Cotton. 

Available in 36 colours. 8m/skein.

Light Effect Threads


A rich range of various light effects: 36 colours including gems, golden, iridescent or vintage shades, fluorescent and even glow-in-the-dark! Discover the 6 families of Light Effects colours, and new creative themes...

Jewel Effects

Precious Metal Effects

Pearlescent Effects

Antique Effects


100% polyester. 8m/skein.

36 colours.


Pearl Cotton Threads


During the manufacturing process, the thread is combed, singed by flame and the double mercerised. It is this double mercerising which gives it its beautiful pearlised sheen. The thread is soft, silky, does not fluff or kink. Twists of 2 inseparable stands. This beautiful twisted thread has a satiny, supple and silky feel, giving your needlework projects a raised aspect and lustrous finish. It is extremely easy to work with and well adapted to a wide variety of fabrics as well as all types of stitches.

Size No.3 stocked.

Available in 289 colours. 15m/skein.

Polyester Sewing Thread



Polyester Sewing Thread

100% Polyester.

Strong thread.

Excellent resistance to light and washing.

120 metres in length.

Soft Cotton


DMC Soft Cotton is a matt tapestry thread.

Combed and singed by flame to remove fluff. 5 inseparable cotton strands.

100% long fibre cotton. DMC Soft Cotton is available in a 10m/10.9yd skein

Avaialble in 285 colours.



Stranded Cotton


100% Cotton.

Strength and regularity. Produced from the finest Egyptian cotton.

Double mercerised to obtain a shiny, soft and silky thread.

Excellent resistance to light and washing.

Available in 465 colours. 8m/skein.


Tapestry Wool


100% 4 ply Virgin wool. 8m in length/skein.

390 colours

Thick woollen thread with bright colours to embellish projects.

A very smooth finish to tapestry designs.

Very good coverage, bulky thread.